Letter From FTBA: 2024 Legislative Session Update

“The 2024 Legislative Session turned out to be a successful one for the Transportation Industry. The Governor, with the support of the Legislature, is redirecting $630 million from the State’s reserves to the State Transportation Trust Fund to fund the Moving Florida Forward Initiative fully. Consequently, the Department’s Work Program and Lettings for the foreseeable future will be as robust as they have ever been. I am also pleased to report that FTBA was able to pass its 3 bills that dealt with changes in the law that are essential for our members. For the record, FTBA has successfully passed its Transportation Bill for five of the last six years.

These successes are a direct result of FTBA aggressively advocating on your behalf and leveraging the FTBA TransPAC by supporting members of the legislature who believe in transportation infrastructure. Your continued support of FTBA will ensure that the Governor and the Florida Legislature hear our voice as we maintain our place as the singular dominant voice of the Transportation Construction Industry.”

-Scott Pittman, Chair & Ananth Prasad, President