3D Modeling

BUEC provides the expertise, careful planning, and the use of advanced technologies to ensure that 3D modeling accurately represents real-world conditions and supports informed decision-making in roadway engineering projects.

Using Advanced 3D Modeling for Enhanced Roadway Projects

BUEC is dedicated to providing comprehensive 3D modeling services that go beyond mere representation, ensuring that every aspect of roadway engineering projects is meticulously accounted for. Through our expertise in roadway design, we craft detailed 3D models that capture the intricacies of alignments, profiles, intersections, and cross-sections, enabling stakeholders to visualize and analyze design alternatives with precision. Additionally, our proficiency in visualization and rendering brings these designs to life, offering realistic representations that facilitate effective communication and consensus-building among project stakeholders.

Moreover, BUEC employs advanced technologies and methodologies for quantity takeoff, clash detection, and construction simulation within our 3D modeling services. By leveraging 3D models, we accurately calculate material quantities, identify clashes or conflicts between different design elements, and simulate construction processes to optimize sequencing and mitigate potential issues. Through thorough analysis and optimization, we ensure that roadway designs are tailored to enhance factors such as traffic flow, safety, and environmental impact. Finally, our commitment extends to providing accurate as-built documentation, updating 3D models with construction data to facilitate seamless asset management and maintenance beyond project completion. With BUEC's comprehensive suite of 3D modeling services, clients can trust in our ability to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of roadway engineering projects.

3D Modeling

  • Roadway Design
  • Visualization and Rendering
  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Clash Detection
  • Construction Simulation
  • Analysis and Optimization
  • As-built Documentation


Maintenance of Traffic CR 761 (Kings Highway) Bridge Improvements in Desoto County

Maintenance of Traffic ATMS Project along Alt. US 19 Median in Pinellas County

Maintenance of Traffic US 301 at Summerfield Crossing Blvd Intersection in Hillsborough County

Maintenance of Traffic SR 70 & Lorraine Road Widening Improvements in Manatee County

Maintenance of Traffic SR 80 at US 27 Interchange Reconstruction, Hendry County, FDOT D1

Maintenance of Traffic SR 80 Reconstruction from CR 833 to US 27, Hendry County, FDOT D1

Maintenance of Traffic Sarasota Bascule Bridges Rehabilitation, Sarasota County

Trails Cape Haze Pioneer Trail Extension, Charlotte County, FDOT D1

Trails Lake Alfred Trail, Polk County, FDOT D1

Trails Harney Pond Trail, Okeechobee County, FDOT D1