Maintenance of Traffic Analysis

With a profound understanding of the critical role Maintenance of Traffic Analysis (MOT) plays in ensuring the safety and efficiency of roadway projects, BUEC stands as a trusted authority in providing meticulous and reliable MOT services, earning the confidence of clients through our unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Elevating Roadway Safety and Efficiency through Maintenance of Traffic Analysis (MOT)

Our comprehensive MOT services encompass a wide range of essential components, including thorough Traffic Impact Assessments to evaluate the potential effects of construction on traffic flow and safety. Through detailed analysis, we can anticipate challenges and develop effective strategies to minimize disruptions and maximize safety.

At BUEC, we excel in designing comprehensive Traffic Control Plans tailored to each project's unique requirements, incorporating measures such as lane closures, signage, and detours to safely manage traffic around work zones. Our commitment to safety extends to regular Work Zone Safety Audits, ensuring compliance with regulations and identifying areas for improvement. Moreover, our expertise in Traffic Monitoring allows us to continuously assess traffic conditions and adjust strategies as needed to optimize flow and minimize congestion. Additionally, our proficient handling of permitting processes and efficient Project Management ensure seamless coordination and timely execution, providing clients with peace of mind throughout the duration of the project. With BUEC's comprehensive MOT services, clients can trust in our expertise to deliver successful outcomes while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Maintenance of Traffic Analysis

  • Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Work Zone Safety Audits
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Permitting
  • Project Management 


Maintenance of Traffic CR 761 (Kings Highway) Bridge Improvements in Desoto County

Maintenance of Traffic ATMS Project along Alt. US 19 Median in Pinellas County

Maintenance of Traffic US 301 at Summerfield Crossing Blvd Intersection in Hillsborough County

Maintenance of Traffic SR 70 & Lorraine Road Widening Improvements in Manatee County

Maintenance of Traffic SR 80 at US 27 Interchange Reconstruction, Hendry County, FDOT D1

Maintenance of Traffic SR 80 Reconstruction from CR 833 to US 27, Hendry County, FDOT D1

Maintenance of Traffic Sarasota Bascule Bridges Rehabilitation, Sarasota County

Trails Cape Haze Pioneer Trail Extension, Charlotte County, FDOT D1

Trails Lake Alfred Trail, Polk County, FDOT D1

Trails Harney Pond Trail, Okeechobee County, FDOT D1