Bayer United is an engineering firm committed to excellence. Guided by Christian values, our company culture ensures we deliver top-notch professional service to our clients. With dedication and a drive to exceed expectations, our customer service reflects our deep appreciation for our associates.

We wholeheartedly believe in the success of each team member. Our culture revolves around supporting one another and collaborating as a cohesive unit to deliver unparalleled service and engineering solutions.


Mark Bayer, PE

Senior Roadway Engineer, Project Manager, President

Mark Bayer has experience in roadway design, maintenance of traffic design, drainage design, utility coordination, project management and contract... Read More

Afton Bayer

Business Administrator

Afton Bayer graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing . She... Read More

Sarah Wright, PE

Roadway Project Manager

Sarah Wright has experience in all phases of roadway design projects and has been Project Manager on multiple FDOT... Read More

Reka Hendricks, PE

Roadway Project Manager

Reka Hendricks has over 10 years of experience in leading and managing a multitude of various sized roadway design... Read More

Allie Stanley, PE

Roadway Engineer

Allie Stanley has 5 years of experience in roadway design and a passion for 3D modeling. Allie has experience... Read More

Robin Crawford

Project Coordinator

Robin Crawford has 8 years of experience as a project coordinator. Her experience includes contract management, invoicing, preparing audit... Read More

Zachary J. Cross

Engineering Intern

Zachary Cross has 3 years of experience in drainage design. His project experience involves new construction, widening, resurfacing and... Read More

Tim Easley, PE

Roadway Engineer

Tim Easley has over 7 years of experience in transportation design including new construction, widenings, rehabilitation projects, and intersection... Read More

Gary Gaiotti

Chief Roadway Designer

Gary Gaiotti has over 40 years of experience in the civil field, beginning his career as a Survey Rod... Read More


Engaging in our community fosters responsibility and gratitude. By contributing our time and skills to community projects, associates witness the positive impact they have, instilling fulfillment and promoting team bonding. Additionally, volunteering provides opportunities for personal and professional development, reinforcing Bayer United’s commitment to social responsibility.